The main activities that can be done in the village, depend a lot on the season of the year in which we are. Although some of them can be done throughout the year, such as the visit to the village or the excursion to the Llobregat fountains, excursions to do from the town of religious-cultural nature, such as visiting two of the nearby romanesque hermitages such as Sant Joan de Cornudell and Sant Vicenç de Rus. Or visit the Santuary of Montgrony.

Cultural visits such as the visit to the Museu del Pastor (the Museum of the Sheppard, in the old part of the village there is a small museum that illustrates the importance of this office in the area). A few kilometers from the town, but within the municipality, there's the Museu del Ciment (the Museum of Cement) that is part of the Museum of Science and Technology of Terrassa. Very interesting visit with the option of taking a ride with the Cement train and visit the Artigas Gardens (Gaudí) and the village of La Pobla de Lillet.

But there are very specific activities for each season of the year. Practice active tourism, lots of activities to do all year long!


It is the best time to visit the birth of the river Llobregat. Due to the melting snow of winter, the water sprouts with abundance. That's why it is an ideal season to practice water-related activities, such as canyoning, or kayaking (the Baells dam is a perfect place to do it), or for the more daring, canoeing down the Llobregat or its tributaries. The climate allows activities such as mountain biking, hiking or climbing among others, and enjoy the environment in full bloom.


Hiking and all kinds of mountain activities enjoying in addition to a very good climate without having to endure excessive heat. With nearby Adventure Parks for the youngest (La Pobla de Lillet, La Molina,... where to do tirolines, climb, etc), or for the not so young! In la Molina also, for the passionate of the bicycle, there is a Bike Park. Pools where to cool down and to pass the strong peaks of heat (both in Castellar de n'Hug, as neighboring towns, La Pobla de Lillet, Guardióla de Berguedà, Bagà,...). You can also make baths in fountains or nearby waterfalls. In addition, at the Baells you can practice a wide variety of water sports, from sailing sports, to a simple walk on pedal skate (pedalo).
The main event of the village as well as the most well known is the International Competition of Catalan Sheepdogs which takes place in Castellar de n’Hug the last Sunday in August.


Time of mushrooms and pleasant walks enjoying the metamorphosis of colors of the forests. Any excuse is good to enjoy the surroundings at this time of year. From hiking (or any of its variants, nordic walking, or simply looking for mushrooms), to mountain biking, road bike (the Coll de la Creueta offers spectacular views), or just stroll. For lovers of photography, this time offers unparalleled landscapes!


Snow activities. La Molina ski resort is located in twenty minutes of the village, with a good accessibility and with discounts if you are lodged in Castellar de n'Hug. This white landscape and proximity to the Cerdanya allows us to practice any variant of snow sport:
skiing, snowboard, nordic skiing, night skiing, snowshoeing,... as well as climbing on ice or other winter sports.

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